Join Our Team & Start Earning Money!

If you’re a barber that is looking for something different ... Whether that’s creating your own business so you’re not working for someone else, or your current business isn’t giving you the results you’re after … consider these facts about joining us at Carbelo:

Traditional Barbershop Carbelo Mobile Barbershop
Up to 3 months rent as a bond ... No building to lease, no bond to come up with!
... Plus first month’s rent upfront! No building to lease, no rent to pay!
Cost of shop-fitting No building, nothing to fit out!
Fixed line telephone No building, no fixed line!
Electricity, water charges Paid for by your customer!
You’re stuck in the same location, reliant on people coming to you, determined by traffic, and other things outof your control As your business grows, you can expand and “own” as many suburbs as you like, exclusively!
You can’t control your opening hours ( for example shopping centres close at certain times) You can work 24/7 OR 1 hour per month ... AND take time off when you like!
If you want to keep track of your previous customers, you need an additional product to do this As a Carbelo Contractor, a Customer Relationship Database is included!
And No! There is no commission on your sales. You can charge what you what to charge. You're operating your own business and you can charge whatever fees you deem appropriate for your business! PLUS .... you should be able to claim your mobile phone AND your car (including petrol, rego, insurance and servicing) as a tax deduction! *


* Please get clarification regading tax advise from a certified accountant.

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